Day 63+68+69


This composite combines lotus flowers (Days 68 and 69) and wax flowers (Day 63).


Day 64

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush. Canvas paper. Toothpick. Chisel.

The Backstory: I was eager to try the paint-scraping technique using Shadow Generator 2.0, which means I can generate more complex and larger shadows. Unfortunately, the paint dries so quickly (even with ample retarder) as to undermine the beauty of this technique. I will need to either use different paint (i.e., oils) or reserve this technique for small spaces (yes, dear Reader, I went a bit beyond the 4×4 constraints today; call it artistic license).

Day 63: painting with shadows and photographing with paint

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush. Canvas paper.

The Backstory: Today I tried out “Shadow Generator 2.0” for the first time (see pic below). As usual, whenever I switch to a new method, there is a setback. Painting against the wall is a challenge (read: aching muscles and lack of control). As with other techniques, I must employ patience to get this one right, and I’m excited to test the limits of the shadow generator – I feel like I’m painting with shadows and photographing with paint.

Shadow Generator 2.0

Day 15

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brushes, toothpick, rubber chisel.

The Backstory: The pendulum swung back towards complexity today, and I’m not thrilled with the results. Like yesterday, this canvas is two-tone green underneath. However, I ended up with far too much paint in the top coat, which made it hard to etch. Also, not loving the colors.