Day 68: Oops

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush. Canvas paper.

The Backstory: I made a mistake. I started painting negative space with red, and I got carried away and crossed into the shadow. So I ran with it, covering the entire 4×4 with paint. Afterwards, I painted the negative space with dark blue. The colors really pop! As usual, my “oops” moment results in a new discovery.


Day 62: One of those days

Out of sorts, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush. Sharpie. Canvas board.

The Backstory: Do you ever have one of those days where everything is a bit out of sorts? Today, I had no desire to paint, which is okay because the 4×4 Challenge is about filling the canvas every single day with something. That something is normally paint, but today I filled it with lines and words written in ink.

Day 57

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush. Toothpick. Wooden cuticle pusher. Rubber chisel. Wood board.

The Backstory: Day two of the monochromatic palette. Today was the first time I have ever painted on wood (well, I may have done so in 1996, but hard to say). Each quadrant uses a different technique. Toothpick is top right; rubber chisel is left (both the chisel and the backend were used); wooden cuticle pusher is bottom left with peach topcoat; wooden cuticle pusher is bottom left with white topcoat.