Day 37: on the road

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brush, wood cuticle pusher.

The Backstory: When I decided to do the 4×4 Challenge, I did not consider what would happen when traveling, a question I would have to face on Days 37 – 50. I knew I could not take 14 fabric canvases and full tubes of paint with me, so I purchased a pad of canvas paper (spoiler alert: it doesn’t work as well) and packed with me some smaller tubes of acrylic paint that I don’t normally use (spoiler alert: they don’t work that well either) and endeavored to recreate my process in a hotel room (spoiler alert: bad lighting).

So, for the next 2 weeks, dear reader, please understand the circumstances in which I was working: (1) a cell phone to cast light (yes, I did take apart the lamp at the Sheraton only to conclude that CFL lighting simply will not do); (2) boxes of tea and bottles of water to construct a “lighting system”; (3) bouquets of flowers and found objects; (4) an undesirable painting surface; (5) undesirable paints. But other than that, it was perfect! Check out my setup in San Francisco below:



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