Day 11

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brushes, toothpick, back end of narrow brush. Rubber chisel.

The Backstory: Dark under light take 4. I experimented more today and added a third layer. The first layer is red; the second is marigold. After painting the wash of marigold, I etched the image into the canvas and let it dry. Then I applied white paint (no retarder, different tube circa 2005). Unlike Day 10, the paint was very thick and covered completely the underlying image (if you look closely in the middle, you can see the texture of the image below, but the color is hidden), so I started etching with the chisel. But the chisel created a wake of paint, which was not lovely, so I went back over the canvas with the brush to remove some paint. This resulted in the wider streaks of texture above, which I like very much. Next, I drew on the canvas with the toothpick, focusing on negative space rather than etching the image, which has a different effect and emotion.


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