Day 9

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Acrylic. Brushes, toothpick, back end of narrow brush.

The Backstory: Dark under light take 2; this time varying the color underneath even more (3 colors rather than 2). No retarder anywhere; base is old paint, top is new. I began etching with the back of the paintbrush (born out of laziness and foot pain; the toothpicks were across the room). The back of the paintbrush worked well where the paint was fresh, carving smoothly away without hurting the base coat. But there was no depth. My dear husband brought me a toothpick, and I began shifting the canvas about to move the shadows and etching what I saw. The result is my favorite in the series so far: there is variation in the lines, the form, the color. We’re getting there.



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