Day 6

Process, Shadows

Medium + Method: Watercolor pencil and sharpie.Acrylic. Brushes, chisel, toothpick.

The Backstory: This is about process. I was not thrilled with yesterday’s results and decided this time I would draw on the canvas first with a watercolor pencil and then put a light wash over it. I thought the pencil would show through and enable me to then paint a darker color conveying the form on top. No dice. The paint covered the pencil. So I tried a sharpie. Same result. So then I painted it the same way I did yesterday, got frustrated, and painted the whole canvas yellow. I got out a toothpick to etch the image into the yellow, but not enough contrast. Then inspiration struck. I painted a second (darker) layer on top and scraped it off using a rubber chisel and a toothpick. I found it hard to see the shadow on the dark paint. I’ll try dark on the bottom topped by a lighter coat tomorrow.


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