Day 1

Time, Visual Language

Medium + Method: Watercolors + olive oil + makeup brush + sharpie. Not recommended.

The Image:¬†It’s a new year. A new beginning. I look at the year as a circle with January 1 at the very top, April 1 at 3:00, and so forth. The circle conveys continuity from day-to-day and month-to-month. Each circle marks the passage of a year. The variations in the thickness of the circle represent the fluctuations of life over the year; some days are smooth, some are rough, some are thick, some seem close together, and some seem far apart.

The Backstory:¬†Having conceived of the 4×4 Challenge around 2:00 on New Year’s day on a visit to my hometown in Ohio, we scrambled to an art supply store and purchased a two-week supply of canvases. Upon returning to my parents’ house several hours later, I found that the only paint remaining there from my childhood days consisted of tubes of watercolor paints that had hardened into the consistency of gummy candies. Determined, I squeezed out a bead of yellow goo, mixed it with water, and washed it over the pre-gessoed canvas only to find that, as I feared, the gesso repelled the watercolor. Undeterred, I grabbed a bottle of olive oil and mixed it with the paint to make “oil paint” and gave that a shot. It was hard to control, largely because the only brush I had was a fan brush for makeup application, leading me to use a black sharpie for detail.


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